Fluidigm – How to simultaneously perform sample identification and QC in a biobank with molecular fingerprinting assays

The last two decades have witnessed the development of and increasing dependence on biorepositories for advancing basic, translational and clinical sciences. However, with the rising number of samples deposited in biobanks come challenges including sample misidentification due to labeling errors or contamination and the introduction of poor-quality samples.

While many means of externally tracking samples exist (for example, by labeling the tube, rack or plate in which the sample is conserved), an ideal system would allow you to assess the identity and quality of the genetic biomaterial (for example, DNA) inside the tube. Such a system provides a proactive workflow that drastically reduces the number of samples making it to analysis or redistribution. Molecular sample identification (DNA fingerprinting) is such a system. With DNA fingerprinting, panels of DNA markers are analyzed for each sample, generating a unique fingerprint that is an indelible, nontransferable identifier.

The Advanta™ Sample ID Genotyping Panel, a high-throughput, automated solution for molecular sample identification, can be easily integrated into any biorepository workflow. In this session come see how the Paris Brain Institute has already integrated this approach to mitigate risks in their biobank workflow.

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