Next generation biobanks and effective industry collaborations

Next generation biobanks and the journey to effective industry collaborations:
Leveraging the power of RWD through connections in a global network

It is becoming increasingly apparent that real world data collections hold untapped value across the drug development cycle. However, the full power of this data is yet to be unlocked, due to both industry and academia grappling with challenges in scaling processes as well as managing, harmonizing, and integrating data and resources.

Pharmaceutical companies are looking into data sharing opportunities and collaborative initiatives to help them better identify new potential drug candidates to more efficiently develop them into effective and approved medicines. Within these overarching challenges, data sharing itself has roadblocks at different levels which must be addressed by collaboration, as they are multifaceted and can be cultural, ethical, financial and/or technical.

In a changing research landscape, biobanks are the epitome of scientific excellence, storing samples linked to rich datasets in novel data collections that are highly valuable for new discoveries in drug development. Yet, there are still strides to be made in gaining exposure to partnerships, maintaining sustainability and finding a safe environment for collaboration and data sharing.

Accordingly, there is a growing need for global collaboration as well as for digital solutions to manage this. The potential lies in creating a global footprint and bringing together knowledge across industries, including biobanks, healthcare technology companies, expert clinicians, and researchers, combining expertise with reservoirs of high-quality health data to pool resources.

To address this and close the gap in collaboration, BC Platforms has developed an approach where secure data sharing can be realized through the optimal constellation of technical capabilities, a global data footprint, regulatory adherence and domain expertise. Together, BC Platforms’ solutions enable large-scale, disparate data sources to be stored, integrated and analyzed safely without compromising patient privacy or violating local regulations.

With a unique approach, we have enabled our partners to be able to connect their anonymized data collections to our platform via a secure link that collects summaries of query results, keeping sensitive data secure and unexposed. The end result is a federated Global Data Partner Network that incentivizes quality data, data variety and international collaboration not possible from a single data source or from any other provider.

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