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#EBW24 Editorial: Citizen & Patient Involvement: Emerging best practices?

Join us at #EBW24. Discuss and explore with us the feasibility of and possible framework of guidance for citizen & patient involvement in biobank committees.  Dr. Ciara Staunton from ESBB and Dr. Eric Vermeulen, chair of the BBMRI.ERIC Stakeholder Forum Patient and Citizens Pillar, share why panel session ‘Citizen & Patient Involvement: Emerging best practices?’ is not to be missed. […]

#EBW24 Editorial: Unlocking the Potential of Big Data and AI in Medicine

AI is playing a growing role in enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosing and treating medical conditions. It focuses on identifying relevant patterns in biomedicine to advance personalised preventive and therapeutic interventions.  Scientists from the ELSI Department (Kaya Akyüz, Mónica Cano Abadía, Melanie Goisauf, Michaela Th. Mayrhofer) at BBMRI-ERIC share why this session is not to be missed. AI […]

#EBW24 Editorial: MICROBE – MICRObiome Biobanking (RI) Enabler

This article comes from the MICROBE team. You can read about the project here – it kicked off in March 2023 at BBMRI.at. Microbiomes comprise communities of microorganisms (i.e., bacteria, archaea, protists, fungi and microalgae) and their “theatre of activity” (i.e., structural elements, metabolites, signal molecules, mobile genetic elements (such as viruses), as well as surrounding environmental conditions)1. They are […]

#EBW24 Editorial: Unlocking the Power of Veterinary Samples and Biobanking – A Promising Source for ”One-Health” Research

This article comes from the team at VetBiobank who will be presenting at EBW24. What you do? The VetBiobank collects veterinary samples from the clinics of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna. Its aim is to archive high-quality samples from diseased animals and corresponding healthy reference controls for research purposes. Currently, the collections mainly consist of tumor and healthy reference […]