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EBW24 Editorial
#EBW24 Editorial: EBW strengthening biobanks and biorepositories

#EBW24 Editorial: EBW strengthening biobanks and biorepositories

This article comes from LVL technology, silver supporter of #EBW24.

Biobanking is a crucial aspect of modern healthcare and research, as it involves the storage and management of biological samples for various purposes, such as medical research, drug development, and personalised medicine. LVL technology’s biobanking solutions, specifically their 2D coded tubes, play a significant role in enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability of biobanking operations.

One of the key reasons why LVL technology’s 2D coded tubes are so important is their ability to streamline sample tracking and management processes. By using 2D codes on the tubes, biobanks can easily and accurately identify, locate, and monitor samples throughout their lifecycle. This not only reduces the risk of sample mix-ups and errors but also improves the overall efficiency of biobanking operations.

Furthermore, the use of 2D coded tubes from LVL technology promotes collaboration among different biobanks, research institutions, and healthcare organisations. Standardised coding systems allow for seamless data sharing and sample exchange, enabling researchers and scientists to work together more effectively towards common goals, such as developing new treatments or understanding complex diseases.

In terms of sustainability, LVL technology’s 2D coded tubes help minimize waste and resource consumption in biobanking facilities. The efficient tracking and management enabled by the 2D codes help prevent sample loss or spoilage, further reducing the overall environmental impact of biobanking activities.

The Tube Laser Marker TLM 864 by LVL has had a significant impact on modern biobanking by providing a precise and efficient way to mark and track samples. Its high-speed laser technology allows for quick and accurate marking on a variety of tube materials, ensuring proper sample identification and traceability. This not only improves workflow efficiency but also helps to reduce the risk of errors in sample handling and tracking. Overall, the TLM 864 has greatly enhanced the capabilities of modern biobanking facilities in managing and preserving valuable biological samples.

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