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EBW24 Previews
#EBW24 previews: Chair for panel session ‘Microbiome – the known unknown’

#EBW24 previews: Chair for panel session ‘Microbiome – the known unknown’

We are delighted to confirm the chair for the panel session ‘Microbiome – the known unknown’: Dr. Loes D.F. Linsen from the Biobank University Hospitals Leuven. The session takes place on Thursday 16 May 2024 as part of the EBW24 programme.

Dr. Loes D.F. Linsen

Doctor in Biomedical Sciences. Enthousiastic person with strong scientific background and eye for detail. Well organised, open-minded and eager to obtain new insights and experiences. Solid knowledge of biobanking-world from a project-oriented perspective. On that subject also good expertise in practical scientific and IT areas. Experience with teaching, supervision of graduate students and laboratory personnel. Motivator and problem-solver with hands-on mentality.

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